The FastPencil writing and publishing service enables authors to create print and e-books online, collaborate, publish, and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution while offering more control and higher margins for authors.

While powerful technology makes it possible for anyone to publish a high-quality book, our collaboration capabilities make FastPencil the easiest, fastest, and most exciting way to write and publish.

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Writing can be hard.
Publishing should be easy.

Whether you're a hobbyist, an established author, or somewhere in between, you can create, publish, and sell your book with FastPencil.


Calling all content creators!
Whether you write fan fiction, secret diaries or tech manuals, FastPencil lets you write, edit, publish and promote your book project from just one simple workspace. Choose from Private, Marketplace or Wide Distribution, depending on your desired audience reach.



Get serious about the book business. FastPencil's author-friendly workspace manages content, collaborators and revisions, and allows for instant previews in print and ebook formats. From your dashboard, manage edits, cover design and distribution, and track sales and revenue reporting from month to month.



Streamline your book business with a custom imprint. The FastPencil Publisher Account enables selected admins and authors to self-publish under your custom Publishing Imprint. Published books will feature your publishing business logo and name, which are tied to the metadata throughout the distribution process.



FastPencil Fans are rewarded when they refer their friends! Just share the value of our self-publishing platform with your community. When your friends and family register and purchase through our site, you’ll earn a 4% referral fee for each transaction. It’s free to join, fast to earn, and easy to track from your dashboard.


Give Your Story a Spine

Choose your budget, your team and your formats. More reasons to love FastPencil.

  • Easy and complete content management
  • Simple integration with Pubslush
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Publish in multiple formats
  • Distribute privately or globally
  • Sell more with unique marketing tools

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"FastPencil has been an amazing experience. The professional staff has been with me every step of the way."

Shannon Mayhew, Fairy Blood
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    Check out our knowledge base for 24/7 help. Search for tips and tricks, view our videos, and become a FastPencil pro in no time! Our support experts will help answer your questions – from start to publish.

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    Our professional author services – both a la carte and packaged – help you start, refine, and complete your book project quickly. Choose from FastPencil's wide selection of self-publishing services to help you complete your book. From editing and cover design to production and marketing, our services have got you covered.

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    Join the community of authors, editors, illustrators and friends who are using FastPencil to write and publish books — one place, with total privacy and revision control. Invite your team to join the fun!


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