FastPencil: The Next Generation
in Book Publishing

Write Once—Publish Anywhere.

The traditional book publishing process can take many months of effort and more money than most writers anticipate. It’s no wonder authors get discouraged.

You shouldn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to write and publish your own book! We have removed the hurdles inherent in traditional book publishing by combining amazing advances in technology with a sophisticated online workflow system for both books and ebooks.

While powerful technology makes it possible for anyone to publish a high-quality book, our collaboration capabilities make FastPencil the easiest, fastest, and most exciting way to write and publish. Regardless of the type of book you’re writing, you need feedback as you create. When authors have ready access to friends and collaborators, the writing and editing process is faster and easier.

At any point in the writing process you can connect with like-minded people, share knowledge, gather feedback from reviewers and editors, and collaborate with other authors, all without leaving FastPencil.

FastPencil is Software in the Cloud - so you don't have to download anything to your computer. It's the fastest and easiest way to write, publish and sell books and ebooks—anywhere!


Steve Wilson — President & CEO
Managing a fast-moving startup is no easy task, but Steve makes deals, creates partnerships, and keeps us all moving in the same direction with seeming ease. He’s always got his eye on the horizon, but he also enjoys getting into the details. Much of the atmosphere at FastPencil is a reflection of his fun-loving spirit and infectious enthusiasm. Before finding a real job as the CEO of an upstart book publishing company, Steve held senior management positions at Genentech, VeriSign, and Yahoo.