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The future of Self-publishing is FastPencil. Use our Platform to create and edit your manuscript, and publish books and ebooks using our professional designs—with just a few clicks.

How it works:


Do-it-yourself. What if you could take your manuscript, load up the chapters, choose a design template and publish? You can!

FastPencil enables authors to independently create books online, collaborate, publish and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. Plus, you only pay when you publish and buy books!

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Author Services and Packages:


But what if self-publishing is confusing and technology is all new to you? We also understand that some authors need extra help. Whether you need an editor, cover designer or just a quick manuscript review, we have an assortment of Publishing Packages that are professional and affordable.

Maybe you don't need a package, just some editing and cover design. FastPencil offers a wide range of Author Services designed to fit every one’s budget. Whether you need a simple manuscript upload or a complete edit review and cover design, find the service that fits your needs.


Publish Using the FastPencil Imprint:

Publish under the FastPencil brand and our ISBN. It's easy to publish under the FastPencil Imprint. Just create an account and publish. When you choose Wide Distribution, we automatically assign one of our ISBN's to the book and publish it under FastPencil, Inc. You still own the copyright, we just act on your behalf as the publisher. PLUS, you don't have to worry about buying and managing ISBN numbers or taxes, shipping, etc. We do it all for you. It all starts with a Free account


Publish Using Your Own Imprint:

Self-publish under your own imprint and ISBN. FastPencil now offers Publisher Accounts if you have your own ISBN and Imprint. You can become a Publisher by setting up your own imprint name, logo, ISBN block, and Publishing Company. Then purchase a Publisher Account. Use our ground-breaking software to write, edit, and collaborate, publish to pre-established channels, and sell books and ebooks online or in stores. Learn more about the Publisher Account now

Looking for Concierge Service? Discover FastPencil Wavecrest:


Self-publish under our mid-tier publishing imprint, Wavecrest. To grab the attention of book store retailers, polished content is the key. The Wavecrest imprint encourages a professional partnership between the established author and our service providers and channels. Every book under Wavecrest is scrutinized and evaluated for Book Store Placement. All Wavecrest packages include standard services such as format and edit reviews as well as professional cover designs. In addition, Marketing and PR are added according to your desired reach and budget.

Authors that have been published by Wavecrest include novices and veterans, an Olympic athlete (Bill Quain) and a well-known political pundit (Kevin Jackson). We also house award-winning authors (Bryan Au and Jeryl Abelmann) under this brand. Visit FastPencil Wavecrest

Already a Successful Author? Look to FastPencil PREMIERE:


Premiere is a world-class, highly selective, publishing imprint that houses an exclusive line of high-interest titles and top-tier, best-selling authors. Among the elite authors are Mercer Mayer, Angela Sage Larsen, L. Douglas Keeney, Guy Gilchrist, and Steven Pressfield. Visit FastPencil PREMIERE