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FastPencil on Your iPhone

FastPencil for iPhone is an easy-to-use book authoring and collaboration application that allows you to read, write and work on books — when you’re on the go!

With FastPencil you can quickly create and edit chapters, write notes and see comments from your collaborators. Your book is safely and securely stored in your account where you can publish and distribute when you’re done.


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  • Read EPUB publications and purchases
    Use the built-in ebook reader to read the ebooks you buy on FastPencil, or your own ebook publications.
  • Read and edit your FastPencil projects
    Make notes, read your projects and edit chapters on the go. Add new chapters and outline your book whenever an idea strikes.
  • Collaboration on the move
    Review your friends books, leave comments.
  • Status updates from friends
    See what your friends have been up to on FastPencil.