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Your supporter

Hello, I'm a freelance copy- & technical writer from Tokyo, Japan. Over twenty years of experience in documentation production business for corporate...

Artist, writer, researcher and editor

I have been a graphic artist and writer for many years. I have researched and written academic articles, website content, have written and interviewed...

J. A. Cabarr Cover Designer and Autor

Spanish Translation Service • Cover Desing I started my Graphic designer carrier when I was only 8 years old back in Panama. Later I travel to Las...

Lullabys Editing

Pretty much whatever you need

Book-ie Cover-ies

Heelloooooo! My services include : Book cover, Editing, Ghostwriting, Illustration, Story ideas, teaching ya'll to write good stories and translating...

Jasmine's Reach Out

Hello my name is Jasmine and I've been writing since i was 10 I started off with poetry had some of my art work published & the newspaper, then i began...

Editing and Proofreading

My specialty is in editing and proofreading. I have read all types of genres of all lengths, and I am flexible and open to working with anyone. I also...

English to Spanish Translator / Mining Researcher / Photography

My speciality is translation from english to spanish. I'm a native spanish speaker. I have 23 years of experience (starting in 1988) working in...

Social Media Promotion

After all is said and done, experience is the best teacher. I have published three books with two different publishers and can coach writers through...