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Editorial Services

Basic Project Setup

Professional import and setup of a book project within the writing tool using the digital manuscript you provide. This is a great way to jump-start your book project and get closer to publishing.

  • Correction of errors typical to an import
    • Inconsistencies in spacing, indents, fonts, headers, footers, numbering, table of contents, and content ordering.
  • Formatting of:
    • 50,000 words
    • Up to five tables and/or unordered lists
    • Up to five images

Image Resizing & Placement, Per Image

Our production team will place and resize your image to fit properly in your book.

*Please note that this is a per-image charge, when adding this service to your cart, please select the quantity based on your image count.


Standard Copyediting

We like to call it “intelligent spell-check.” An actual human editor looks over your manuscript to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that software programs just don’t have the context to catch. You’ll also be alerted to any potentially offensive or slanderous verbiage.

*This service does not include a manuscript import

(min: $200.00)

Premium Copyediting

This goes more in-depth than the Standard Copyedediting, looking at word use, flow, and clarity to ensure your manuscript is professional and understandable.

*This service does not include a manuscript import

(min: $490.00)

Content Editing

In addition to Premium Copyediting, your editor provides you with advice concerning the overall structure of the book. For fiction, this would include plot & character development. For non-fiction, this includes fact-checking and chapter order and structure.

Your quote will be determined by the complexity of the text, the editor’s assessment of how much revision is necessary, and how many half-hour consultation calls required.

*This service does not include a manuscript import

Quote Only

Design Services

Custom Cover Design

Professionally designed cover using stock images or author provided images. One cover design created based on the author’s recommendations and industry standard design elements.

  • One revision cycle
  • Front and back cover designs
  • Solid color spine with title, author name, and imprint logo

Custom PLUS Cover Design

Everything in the Custom Cover Design, plus:

  • An additional cover design to choose from
  • An additional revision cycle
  • Custom spine included upon author request

Premium Cover Design

Everything included in the Custom PLUS Cover Design plus:

  • A third cover option to choose from
  • Three revision cycles

Marketing Services

Book Launch Press Release

Let the world know about your book! We’ll draft a custom press release for your book and distribute to the widest audience possible while considering your industry and geographical location.


Custom Marketing Kit

A hybrid of virtual and print marketing, custom-built for your book. Includes 100 business cards and bookmarks, 10 posters and a digital sell sheet.


Ultimate Event Marketing Kit

Wow booksellers and potential buyers at once with this package perfect for your next signing or event. 100 business cards, 100 bookmarks or postcards, a custom 6 foot banner, with a stand, a bookstand to display your new book and a personalized pen to start signing.


Premium Marketing Kit

Never run out of marketing materials! Create a following with 250 business cards, bookmarks, sell sheets and postcards, 20 posters, and an electronic sell sheet.


Publishing Services

Small Publisher Custom Imprint Setup

Custom Imprint published under your publisher name, with your logo on the spine.


Library of Congress Control Number Acquisition & Copyright Registration

We’ll handle the many details of acquiring a Library of Congress Control Number and registering your book with the Copyright office.


Wide Distribution (2 Formats)

Your print and eBook published globally to our Wide Distribution Network


Wide Distribution (1 Format)

Your print or eBook published globally to our Wide Distribution Network


Add a Year of Wide Distribution

Our standard wide distribution lasts three years. Add an additional year of distribution, or more.


Wide Distribution Metadata Update

For Books or eBooks published with the Wide Distribution Service. FastPencil will manually update the title’s metadata, as requested.


Marketplace Distribution

Published to the FastPencil Marketplace only.


Private Distribution

Published Privately only. (Great way to proofread your printed book before distributing it publicly!)