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2012: A Critical Glance At World's End
Robert Krueger
  • First Edition
  • Language(s): ENG
  • 120 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-60-746954-4
  • Robert Krueger on November 22nd, 2011
  • Available Formats:
    • 6"x9" paperback
    • PDF download
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As we near the date of December 21, 2012, one can't help but become intrigued as it ties in with the ancient world of the Mayans. If one does not engaged in critical thought, with a healthy dose of common sense, they may become enveloped by fear about this date. "What is the End Of Days?"and "What is The End of the Age?" and "When will it occur?" These are the few questions on everyone's mind. Another question being asked..."Will the end of the world occur in 2012?" 2012 is a phenomena that is clearly ruled by significant amounts of fear as well as ignorance. Many believe it to be the "End of Days" or "The End of an Age" as mentioned in many ancient texts while others believe it will be the beginning of a transformation of the human race as we know it. Some believe we will evolve more intellectually while others believe that this transformation will be more physical. Some believe the world will end on that day through massive cataclysm via a meteor, asteroid or some other possiblity yet unknown. Many believe that the current events we are seeing today tell us that the end is near as prophesied in the Bible or by Nostradamus. People everywhere across the globe believe in many different things regarding the perceived importance of 2012. This isn't the first time all of these feelings have occurred and unfortunately, it most likely won't be the last.

Take a short intense gaze into the phenomena known as 2012. A journey not only into myths and fears but also the latest science and new found knowledge. A knowledge that is easier to attain and requires less time to read than a full length book, it awakens the reader to 2012 theories they might not have considered and lead the reader to come to more knowledgeable conclusions about these theories in an attempt to reduce fear through knowledge. This is also a journey into your world, the Earth, and it's solar system as well as it's place in the universe. If you enjoy enlightening yourself and expanding your knowledge of how the universe works than you will love this short journey that will continue to December 2012 and beyond!

Robert Krueger is a researcher and retired Air Force pilot and navigator with a degree in Earth and Aeronautical Science. He was a former Assistant Professor for Earth and Space Science and specialized in instructing celestial navigation.

Available Formats:

6"x9" paperback
PDF download
eBook download

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