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Discover Your Dream Career
7 Steps to Finding the Career You Always Wanted
Ted Behr
  • First Edition
  • Language(s): ENG
  • 132 pages
  • Ted Behr on April 27th, 2012
  • Available Formats:
    • 6"x9" paperback
    • PDF download

DISCOVER YOUR DREAM CAREER: 7 Steps To Finding The Career You Always Wanted

• Are you burnt out and stressed, or just plain bored with your career?

• Does your “successful” career leave you asking, “Is this all there is?”

• Do you feel trapped in a job that you can’t stand?

• Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning because of what you have to face at work?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you just might need a midlife career change. In this guide, Professional Career and Life Coach Ted Behr introduces his 7 steps to finding your dream career. Coach Ted has developed these steps from helping numerous clients over the last 15 years to find their ideal careers, to land jobs or start businesses that excite them and give their lives meaning, fulfillment and balance, and to discover their life's path.

If you follow the instructions and do the exercises included in this step by step blueprint, you will:

>> Get Clear on Your Primary Life and Career Values

>> Create Your Vision of Success

>> Create a List of Intriguing Career Choices

>> Discover Your Ideal Career and Go for It!

>> Build Your Support Team

If you want to discover the career that you have always wanted, this is the book you need, now!

“With Discover your Dream Career, Ted Behr provides a clear way forward for mid-lifers who are stuck in dead-end jobs or are confused about what work would be fulfilling. His 7 Steps break the seemingly daunting process of clarifying and moving into a new direction into manageable chunks. His questions and exercises invite the type of introspection that leads to transformation.”

– Grace Durfee, Professional Certified Coach, Author of Balance With Grace: Celebrate the Kaleidoscope of Life. www.balancewithgrace.com

Ted Behr is just one of the top experts featured in this edition of The Success Series. It includes 21 professional authors, speakers and coaches who have each made significant positive changes in their own lives, and can help you make the important changes you desire, as well. Their expertise touches on all aspects of “Successful Living” today, from service to relationships to building personal wealth.
This book is perfect for those looking to make a fresh start and those ready to accelerate their success with new and exciting insights and proven strategies from 21 leaders in their fields. These authors know what you want. You want MORE – More Friendships, More Money, More Time, and most importantly More Peace of Mind and Happiness in your Life!

Open this book anywhere and begin reading. You’ll discover that you’re surrounded by 21 high achievers all ready to hold your hand and help you up. Enjoy Coach Ted’s Discover Your Dream Career. Let it catapult you into the center of the Wealth and Success Arena. Make a start RIGHT NOW. Indeed that’s one of the hallmarks of every high achiever.

This book is solid gold. There’s none better to get you started and help you on your way.

Here is what some of Coach Ted’s clients say about him:

“Ted was excellent at helping me find a clear direction professionally. The methodology he uses to guide clients is very valuable and something I still refer to today.”

– Lisa Giberti, Global Alliances Professional

“If you're looking at your career & life, I can not say enough about the impact of working with Ted to refine, create, imagine, and strategize changes and new directions. He has had a significant impact on my life and career - and the changes have been long lasting.”

– Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates, Cambridge, MA

"Working with Ted has given my life the jumpstart it sorely needed. I started out thinking I just needed to find a job to pay my expenses, but in the course of working with Ted, I realized that my life dream of being a working artist had been ignored for quite a few years. We’ve explored ways to make that happen and get my life back on track toward the kind of life I want to be living."

– Naomi R., Artist, Web Designer and Educator

Ted Behr, The Uncommon Success Coach, is a Career and Life Coach who specializes in working with members of the Boomer Generation who are considering a midlife career change. Through his writing and coaching, Coach Ted helps people looking for more satisfaction in their work to find their ideal career: one that is enjoyable, fulfilling, and meaningful, getting them out of bed each morning looking forward to their day. He has been coaching people in finding the career of their dreams for 15 years.

Coach Ted earned his certification as a Personal and Professional Coach from the Coaches Training Institute in 1997 and his Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Training from Antioch University in 1980.

Coach Ted says, “It took me 30 years, 7 career changes and 12 jobs to create the life that fits me perfectly today, and I now help others do the same.” To read his blog, learn about his services, find other resources and sign up for his mailing list, visit Coach Ted’s website at http://careerchangeforboomers.com.

Available Formats:

6"x9" paperback
PDF download

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