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Colour My Ball
Written By Maria Grujičić
  • First Edition
  • Language(s): ENG
  • 84 pages
  • Maria Grujicic (Malena) on November 30th, 2012
  • Available Formats:
    • 5.25"x5" color paperback
    • PDF download
    • eBook download

"Reminds me of the neighborhood of make believe." Aylvie Andmina

"Awesome illustrations. Just magical!" David W. Aston

"I like the wizard a lot. His ball turns to a crystal ball and his problems are clear. It's easier to fix something that is seen than something that is not." Eric H. Pasley

If you could change to be anyone and make your wishes come true, who would you be and what would you do? Come and enter a dream, a colourful dance! Choose the colour you like and mix it with different tones. Paint the character of your mask and how it is that you feel. At that moment, all will suddenly appear and become amazingly real!

Colour my ball is about a group of friends who play a game together. They look into the mirror as they play, then jump into it to create their imaginative world. Emotions that go with the colour of each ball fill the pages, showing movement and attention to details that speak to the acute observations of the onlooker, giving clues for what's to come!

Colourful costumes, specially designed props and backdrops accentuate the theatrical play and makes the storyline come to life! A pattern of colour and emotion unfolds with each page.

Colour your ball and make a wish! Do you want to be a wizard or a butterfly, a princess or a prince, a clown or a ghost? Are you happy or sad? Have you a frown or a dreamy gaze? All colours and emotions are beautiful. You are beautiful!

Follow the story of colours, characters and emotions as they blend to form a picture of balanced poise and beauty. Sun drops drip in the form of rainbow colours that fill the earth with water, and change in dimensions that draw the stars from the purple sky! A weird and wonderful brew made of the colours of the stars above turn your imagination to something real and new.


I'm from Darwin the beautiful capital city of the Northern Territory, Australia. It has an exotic island feel and it is where I hold my roots as a nature girl in the wide open free spaces.

I've lived in the bigger cities London, Madrid, Albacete, and Frankfurt where I joined a Tribal Fusion Dance group which enhanced my artistic and personal life.

The mix of finding love, being abroad, dance and developing unique friendships with artists alike led me to write in abundance. I was involved in innovative dance projects with adults and children. In a short period of time I published several books of poetry.

I absolutely adore the sensations of Europe and I hope to return as often as I can. Travel, love, life and true friendship is the why I write.

Available Formats:

5.25"x5" color paperback...
PDF download
eBook download

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