FastPencil 2.22 – RELEASE NOTES

Authors and Publishers,

We just released a new set of upgrades to help with Publishing and Selling more books and e-books! You’ve been waiting for Social Media profile integration and a more flexible PREVIEW BY CHAPTER capability. Also, we’ve provided more control over the Table of Contents sections to be NESTED UP TO 4 LEVELS DEEP.

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Sign-in to FastPencil now to beef up your bio and list other published books. Add your social media accounts and promote upcoming events. And enter your Payee info securely to ensure royalty payments and tax documents are received in a timely manner:!

Check out a summary of the updates posted to our Knowledge Base, article:

Let’s Get Started: Publish a Book and e-Book

New users: To set up a new account, click here:

Existing users, sign-in to FastPencil.Here is an overview regarding the 2 ways you can use FastPencil TO PUBLISH:

OVERVIEW: 2 ways you can use FastPencil TO PUBLISH BOOKS AND E-BOOKS:

–> 1. with the WRITING TOOL

To create a Print and e-Book from ONE PROJECT, start here: We’ll create print and e-books for all readers on all devices (nook, iPad, kindle, Sony, Kobo, PC, MAC, and more) from your content.

(Usually an author brings a manuscript to the site, creates a project, and either uploads the content or writes directly into the editor. At this point, the author can add collaborators to work on the project. The author can accept/reject revisions, track changes, and revert to previous drafts.)


Alternatively, for PRINT PROFESSIONALS with access to Adobe Pro, Authors can use the DIRECT TO PUBLISH (DTP) PDF uploader utility to skip the writing and organizing tools and go directly to Publication Setup: ****Please notice the separate tab for e-Book Upload. To obtain both Print and e-Book from the DTP uploader utility, the publisher must provide both files to perfect specification, as outlined within the site pages.


WHEN READY TO PUBLISH, with either option above, the author clicks the Publication Setup button and is taken through a wizard to fulfill the metadata information for the publication. This data collection includes Title Page Info, a Description, Formats (Print and/or eBook), Cover Setup, Pricing, Proofing, and more. This metadata will be paired with the book upon distribution. This metadata is also used to provide accurate book pricing. The publishing wizard will advise what retail price your book needs to be above in order to earn positive royalties. To change your book project’s retail prices, go to your project dashboard and click “Publication Setup”. Then, follow the publishing wizard tabs through PRICING and save your changes. Here is an article with more information and screenshots about Pricing:

All of FastPencil’s writing and previewing tools are free to all users. We also have a knowledge base full of information and screenshots that help Authors navigate DIY publishing. For example, reference this set of articles to learn about “How to Publish a Book and eBook”:

Thank you for choosing FastPencil to publish and print books and e-books.

FastPencil is Software in the Cloud – so you don’t have to download anything to your computer. It’s the fastest and easiest way to write, publish and sell books and ebooks—anywhere!

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