Author Worry: “I’m ready to Publish publicly, what are my options?”

Publishing with FastPencil allows authors to write, publish and sell Print and eBooks publicly (or privately). There are two different options for making your book available to the public, Marketplace and Global Distribution. Let’s review the benefits of the public publishing options:

Publishing to “Marketplace only” distribution automatically generates a book listing on the FastPencil Marketplace forever (or as long as you want it listed) and this page is public so you can drive all your customers directly to the site where they can purchase any format. Starting at only $9.99, the FastPencil Marketplace is also where authors will make the highest royalty (80% net) as there are no third-party sales channel fees. Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost pricing and bulk order book buying is available. However, with Marketplace-only distribution, your title will not have an ISBN number assigned.

With FastPencil’s public publishing options, a Marketing Toolkit is automatically generated. Every published author receives:

  1. An Author Page. Beef up your bio and list other published books. Add your social media accounts and promote upcoming events. Enter your Payee info securely to ensure royalty payments and tax documents are received in a timely manner.
  2. A BookBuy Page. This sales page allows readers to purchase any book format you’ve published and displays the Book Cover, Marketing Metadata, and a Preview of the Book. Here is a link to our MARKETPLACE so you can see the books that are published with FastPencil and support indie  authors.
  3. A BookBuy Widget. This HTML Coded Web Advertisement is meant to drive traffic back to the BookBuy Page. Display it on any web property to showcase your published work.

With our “Global Distribution” publishing option, Authors still receive a Marketing Toolkit. Starting at $249 (one format) or $299 (for both print and eBook formats), Titles published with Global Distribution will be available for 3 years on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Ingram, etc. ISBNs are assigned and are yours to keep forever. After the first 3 years, there is a $19.00/year catalog fee to keep your book in distribution. Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost pricing and bulk order book buying is available, too.

Keep in mind, many readers do judge a book by its cover. We have found that titles with a professionally designed cover tend to attract more readers. There is also some great information on our Knowledge Base about how to correctly build your cover and if you should be so inclined we do offer a variety of professional cover services from industry-leading partners. If you have more specific questions about other author service packages please let us know and we are more than happy to provide you with as much detail as necessary.

Below are links to our Knowledge Base articles with more details about: 

Publishing and Distribution COSTS and Options

Book Printing TIMELINES

Distribution TIMEFRAMES

Distribution CHANNELS

Please let us know when additional questions come up. Feel free to ask FastPencil pros about any stage of the book publishing life cycle:

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