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Write in the tool, or covert your files, blog posts, or Evernote notes into a book.


Publish your book! Choose to publish privately just for you, or on the FastPencil Marketplace for free. Or, choose wide distribution to major outlet retailers for as low as $249.

Additional Free Features:

  • Easy collaboration with professionals and colleagues
  • Cloud-based, 24-hour access to your projects
  • Role-based access management for all collaborators
  • Dedicated ISBN
  • Unique Author Page
  • Revision history and version control
  • Image management
  • BookBuy sales widget with a link to your book on the FastPencil Marketplace — use the widget to market your book on social media or on your own website.
  • Choose from 10 different templates in 15 various sizes to format your book
  • 24-7 Support with our community pages and learning center

Create Your Own Imprint:

FastPencil offers Publisher Accounts if you have your own ISBN and imprint. You can become a Publisher by setting up your own imprint name, logo, ISBN block, and Publishing Company.

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